What is it that Catholics, Methodists or Presbyterians believe? How does this differ from Orthodoxy? Why are these differences important? Where did they come from? These are the kind of questions we will be addressing in the new Fall Series titled Truth: Who is God and Why Right Doctrine Matters. In this series we will review the differences between Orthodoxy and other Christian Churches as well as non Christian religions. Seeing how our faith has been preserved in its full Truth since time of the apostles and how others have changed, will deepen your understanding of our our faith and why this Truth given to us by Christ and the Apostles is important for our salvation. We will begin on September 14th and meet on following Thursdayevenings at 6pm. If you are interested, make plans to keep your Thursday evenings open through the Fall to participate in these important discussions. Fr. Charles says, “I have learned a lot developing this series. It has given me a deeper appreciation of my faith. I know others will also gain from this review as it highlights how important correct doctrine is in the path to our union with God, our salvation. We live in a world filled with distorted views of Christianity so its easy to become confused about what is important.”