To Download the form for names and donations, click here.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we come to the conclusion of the Paschal season, our bishop, Metropolitan Alexios, is providing us with another opportunity to celebrate: participation in what he is calling the “Roof Tile Campaign” on the Panagia Chapel that is being built at the Diakonia Retreat Center. 

This beautiful church is nearing the end of its building process and our Metropolitan is now trying to raise money for the layered stone tiles that will go on the roof. As a part of this campaign he is asking that each household of the Metropolis contribute $30 towards the tiles.

Our Metropolitan is also asking that we submit the names of our loved ones whether we are able to contribute towards the roof tiles or not.

These names will then be placed in the Altar alongside the relics of saints when the chapel is consecrated. 

The names of these loved ones, both living and those who have fallen asleep in the Lord, will be commemorated in each holy service that takes place in the chapel “unto the ages of ages.” 

What a blessing that is being provided for us! You will find with this letter a form that you can fill out with the names of your loved ones. Please return this form to the church as soon as you can, so that we can send the names to the Metropolis. The form will also be available on the church’s website, You can return it to us by mail, email, handing it to a parish council member on Sunday morning, or whatever would be easiest for you.

Thank you for your participation in this campaign. The chapel that is being built, as well as the Diakonia Retreat Center, does not belong to the Metropolitan, but to us, the faithful members of the Body of Christ in the Metropolis of Atlanta. It is our hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the building of this magnificent chapel, and the blessing of having the names of your loved ones commemorated there until the end of time. 

In Christ,
Father Tom Pistolis

To Download the form for names and donations, click here.