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Available Positions                                                 # needed per week

Logistics Coordinator                                                                  ONE

Individual should possess a minimum of two years overnight camp experience, preferably within an Orthodox Christian setting. Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the camp, keeping the entire camp on schedule, mediates concerns from the Cabin Staff, Arts & Crafts Leaders, Music Coordinator, and Waterfront Personnel. This team member will also oversee the departure of all campers on Saturday morning. Individuals should be practicing Orthodox Christians, active in their local parish, and have the recommendation of their parish priest.

  • Minimum Age of 21, but maturity will be a factor in selection


Cabin Staff                                                             TWELVE (6 male & 6 female)

Individuals are paired with a co-counselor and supervise a maximum of 16 teens of their same sex. Cabin Staff are responsible for their campers 24-hours a day, bringing them to various activities, overseeing daily cabin clean-up, and monitoring behavior. They may also lead discussions, assist with various evening events, coordinate a sports activity, and supervise a large group in a team setting.

  • Adults with a minimum of one-year post high school experience are encouraged to apply.


Waterfront Personnel                                                             ONE

These individuals must be lifeguard certified, and preferably be CPR certified and have experience in a large pool or lake setting. They will oversee Daily Swim & Canoe Time for each of the cabins, as well as the Camp-Wide Swim.   At the beginning of camp, they will conduct a Swim Test for all campers. During non-swim time, these staff members will assist with evening activity set-up, providing breaks for the cabin staff, worship, and other duties as assigned by the Camp Director.

  • Minimum Age of 19. Waterfront Personnel do not have to be Orthodox Christians.


Arts & Crafts Leaders                                                             TWO

A love for youth, a willingness to get your hands dirty, an affinity for tie-dye, & a creative approach to our faith are needed for this opportunity. These folks run our Art Barn for the week, including set-up and clean-up. They also serve as support for our Logistics Coordinator, are responsible for inspecting the cabins and determine the daily Cleanest Cabin Award. They may also be asked to assist the Cabin Staff, Utility Staff and help with evening activities.


Ropes Course Leaders                                                         TWO

These important members oversee the Ropes Course portion of our Camp Curriculum. They should be athletically inclined, familiar with the intricacies of a ropes environment, be faithful Orthodox Christians, and be willing to complete a competency course prior to the start of Camp.

  • Minimum Age of 20


Medical Staff                                                                          ONE

Nurses, physicians, EMTS, and PAs with a love for the outdoors are encouraged to apply. The role of our medical staff is an important one, helping to keep all of our campers safe and healthy throughout the week. Individuals are "on-call" 24 hours a day, and spend much of their time dispensing medicine, comforting homesick youth, and attending to bug bites, bee stings, and sprained ligaments. Medical personnel will also present brief safety training during orientation and are responsible for the individual medical packs worn by our cabin staff.


Utility Staff                                                                             TWO

These individuals will keep the camp running by providing support to all of our assignment specific team members. Whether it's a last minute run to the store, driving an injured camper to the doctor, helping to fill water balloons, setting up supplies for an evening outing, these folks will be kept busy. Ability to work under pressure, ease to multi-task, carpentry or wood working skills, and a desire to work with all types of people are several of the key skills need for this position

  • Minimum Age of 22, but maturity will be a factor in selection