What is Christian Stewardship?

Christian Stewardship is about becoming good caretakers of all that God has given us. God has given each of us special and unique gifts. And through Holy Scripture He teaches us all that we have is a loan. He lends everything to us, and reminds us that one day He will ask us to give a detailed accounting of what we have done with the gifts He has given us. Archbishop Anastasios of Albania has noted that “we find ourselves by offering ourselves.” Have we learned the blessedness of generously giving to others of all we have? 

It is by offering our blessings back to God that He will be able to continue His forgiving, healing, liberating, empowering, transfiguring, loving ministry through the Church. For God, Infinite though He be, has chosen to work through us, through our gifts, to continue His saving work in the world today.

The base from which we serve as the Voice of Christ in a changing world is the parish. A strong parish provides opportunities for sharing the Good News of Christ, for welcoming those that are searching for a spiritual home, and a base from which we are sent out into the world. The parish also provides a place for worship, community and education in the faith. To be stewards of the Gospel, we need to be stewards of our parish. This requires the vision and inspiration to see the parish, not as it is, but as it could be. We are called to offer ourselves and our treasure to make our local church, Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, all that it can be. 

Dear Parishioners, 

Attached is a copy of the Annual Stewardship Commitment Card that was mailed Thursday. Please take the time to carefully review and consider this message before establishing your commitment level for the upcoming year.  Additionally, once complete, be sure to mail the entire commitment card when making your generous Stewardship pledge.

Please notice our 2017 Stewardship campaign will shift the focus of our message to also include participation. The lifeblood of our Church revolves around being involved.  This is achieved when we all give not just our treasure, but also our time and our talents. Fellowship in Christ at Church and Church-sponsored events is integral to the long-term success of Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Funding will always be necessary, but now more than ever, our Church needs the smiling faces and able hands of its constituency to be present and active.

Thank you for your commitment to the future of our beloved Saint George Parish. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Yours in Christ,
Stewardship Committee

Click below to view the Stewardship Card.