The Saint George Choir, consisting of male and female SATB voices, performs the Greek Orthodox Liturgical music each Sunday throughout the year and rehearses on Wednesdays at 7:00 as needed. The members do not have to be Greek –speaking; music is printed in Greek with corresponding English phonetics. Understanding music notation is preferred, though not required, as new pieces are rehearsed at choir practice. Choir members need to be in the choir loft shortly before 10:00 each Sunday wearing assigned choir robes. In addition to regular Sundays, the choir sings during Holy Week and also performs two short concerts during the Greek Festival. Also, participation in an annual SFGOCM choir conference hosted in various cities in the southeast is encouraged. New members are welcomed and encouraged to join.

Contact persons:

Fanya Paouris, director 864-430-3709 [email protected]

Mary Koutroulias, organist 864-579-2517 [email protected]