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 A Lenten Series: Begins February 26

Not just an intellectual exploration - designed to deepen your connection with God.

What is Theosis? 
Aim of an Orthodox Christian's journey — to become partakers of Divine nature, union with God. What does this mean and how does it relate to our modern lives?

A participative eight-session series based on Orthodox Christian tradition exploring the profound teachings and mystical experiences of the Saints, especially Saint Symeon the New Theologian. Saint Symeon's insights do not come from academic study, but from a direct experience of God. He articulates them through simple yet profound language and draws us deeper into Scripture illuminating the writings of Saint John and Saint Paul.

    - Reality of the Holy Spirit within you.
    - Profound potential for union with God.
    - Potential for some in this life and hopefully for us all in eternal life to come.

Let's begin:
   Start Date: Monday, February 26.
   Frequency: Weekly, for 8 weeks.
   Venue: The Small Hall.
   Time: 6:30 PM on Mondays

Session Highlights:
   1. Unveiling Theosis: Meaning and Impact on Us.
   2. Saints and Theosis: Experience of the the saints and an introduction of Saint Symeon.
   3. Hymns of Divine Love: Exploring Symeon’s inspiring Divine Hymns.
   4. The Holy Spirit’s Role: Embracing its voice.
   5. Union with God: Saint Symeon’s mystical experiences.
   6. Scripture Through Symeon’s Eyes: Deeper understanding of the Parables of Jesus.
   7. Spiritual Growth: Gaining Wisdom for our Journey.
   8. Discourse on the Holy Spirit: Insights from Saint Symeon.

+ More than just knowledge. 
+ Opportunity for igniting the mystical core of your being we often overlook. 
+ Deepen your Lenten fast as you prepare to participate in the joy of Christ's Resurrection.

Extend this invitation to family and friends, young adults too. Make it a family event. Join in spiritual fellowship seeking truth, and yearning for our spiritual growth.

Begins Monday, February 26th, 6:30pm in Small Hall

Looking forward to seeing you,,
Fr. Deacon Charles
[email protected]











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