The Orthodox Way of Life

In this chapter we begin by discussing the concept of a world view. We first ask, “What are the hidden assumptions that you carry with you that determine how you view the world and think about religion? How does our society impact these. The main idea is that we all have hidden assumptions that can cloud our faith and are given to us not by the Church but by negative forces that exist in our secular society.

We then ask what is the Orthodox world view that we need to embrace. This of course will demand changes to how we think. It also may put us at odds with the mainstream thinking in our society.

The Orthodox way of life involves participation in the sacraments of the church. It is how we grow closer to God and find union with Him. The first step is our Baptism and then we have others to help us. The other sacraments are Chrismation, Holy Communion, Holy Unction, Confession, Matrimony, and Ordination.

Our Orthodox way of life cannot be fully understood without also knowing what happens at our death. We also examine the question, What is the Final Judgement?

Finally we put it all together to outline the basic elements of the Orthodox way of life. The kind of life we must be willing to embrace to become an Orthodox Christian.