The Virgin Mary the Theotokos as Mediatress
Platytera Ton Ouranon

Platytera ton Ouranon means She who is more spacious that the heavens.

“The heavens were astonished and stood in awe, and the ends of the earth, O maiden, were sore amazed, for God appeared bodily to mankind as very man. And lo, thy womb hath proved to the vaster and more spacious that heaven’s heights. for this, O Theotokos, the choirs and assemblies of men and angels magnify thy name “

This icon unites the heaven and earth. Its location being between the dome and the floor of the Cathedral. She is the “heavenly ladder, where by God has descended” and the bridge leading those on earth to heaven.” She stand between heaven and earth as the intercessor of our race by means os the divine Child in her arms.