Foundation of Orthodox Spirituality

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Article by Metropolitan Hierotheos: Rationality & Mysticism


1. Full Nature of Man - Foundation of Orthodox Spirituality

For Orthodox our  aim is union with God, a true participation in His energies. This theology, that comes from Christ Himself and has been passed on by the Apostles and Church Fathers, is based on a complete understanding of our Human Nature. This video explains the complete view of Human nature that is the foundation of Orthodox Spirituality.

2. Way of the Heart

Orthodox Spirituality is based on the understanding of the Full view of human nature that includes a spiritual way of knowing by the heart. This video explains the Orthodox notion of the heart.

3. Watchfulness

Watchfulness is how the Church Fathers teach us to purify our heart so we can see God as Jesus told us. This is the third video in the series on the foundations of Orthodox spirituality.