History of Doctrine

Explore two trains of thought

1. Eastern Mind: Doctrine does not evolve but was given to us by Jesus and His Apostles in the Early Church based on Revelation.

2. Western Mind: Doctrine evolves with time based on Reason.

Explore how and why they diverged & significance on Christian beliefs and practices. 

Class Schedule:

Sep 13

The Beginning

Old Testament Creation Purpose

Sep 20

Old Testament: Prehistory to Salvation

The Fall
Preparing the Way

Sep 27

Time of Jesus Christ

Oct 4

Apostolic Times

Oct 11

Formation of Doctrine

Heretical Teachings Salvation in Early Church Persecutions

Oct 18

Baptism of Rome

Constantine the Great Arian Conflict Constantinian Shift?

Oct 25

Fifth Century

Holy Trinity - Holy Spirit Nature of Christ - God & Man Monophysites

Nov 1

Orthodox Consensus

One Church
Fall of Rome and Role of Pope

Nov 8

Byzantine Theology - 7th & 8th Century

Theosis - deification Iconoclast controversy

Nov 15

Great Schism - 9th - 11th Century

Photian Schism Filioque
Doctrine of Trinity Formal Schism Deification

Nov 22

Thanksgiving Break

No Meeting

Nov 29

Scholasticism & Reformation - 12th - 16th Century

Satisfaction and Substitution Theory
Martin Luther
5 Solas

Dec 6

Beyond Reformation - 16th to Present

Dec 13

Bonus - Orthodox Way of Life

Ten Points

Presentation Slides

1. Creation

2. Fall and OT History

3. Time of Christ

4. Apostolic Time

5. Formation of Apostlic Doctrine

6. Baptism of Rome

7. 5th Century

8. Orthodox Consensus

9. Byzantine Theology

10. Great Schism

11. Reformation

Handouts - Articles

3rd&4th Ecumenical Council

Ancestral Sin


Constantine the Great

First Ecumenical Council

Great Schism

Jesus Prayer Brochure


Nativity Icon

Niceaen Creed


Paradise & Hell -Mellitos


Shining Light on Synergia

Sola Scriptura

Teaching of Gregory Palamas

Theosis in Patristic Tradition

Tradition - Bebis