Annunciation of the Virgin Mary the Theotokos
Her Outward Appearance

EpiphaniosSaints Epiphanios and Nicephoros (4th century) tell us the following:
“In any case she preserved a virginity worthy of honor, as well as constancy. She spoke very little–only about what was necessary and good. Her words were sweet to the ear. She treated everyone with due respect. With each person she carried on a corresponding conversation without laughing, without being upset, still more without getting angry.

“She was of medium size. The color of her complexion was as the color of a grain of wheat. Her hair was long, lovely and somewhat dark. Her glance was quick and penetrating. Her eyes reminiscent of the color of olives. Her eyebrows were slightly curved and dark. Her nose was medium. Her lips were the color of roses and sweet-worded. Her face was not quite round, and her fingers were long.

“There was no pride in her whatever, but simplicity in everything, without the least pretense. She was a stranger to all indulgence and, at the same time, showed an example of sublime humility.

“Her clothes were simple, without any artificial adornment (as her head-covering exhibits which has been preserved till the time of this writing). In a word, in everything, she showed forth the divine grace that had penetrated her.*

*The Assumption of Our most Holy Lady, the Mother of God and Ever Virgin Mary, translated from the Menology of St. Dimitri of Rostov (Jordanville, NY: Holy Trinity Monastery, 1976), 18. Taken from The Life of the virgin Mary, The Theotokos pp 82-83.