Annunciation of the Virgin Mary the Theotokos

Icon of the Annunciation

The iconographic depiction of this feast day show three movements. First is the appearance of the Archangel Gabriel and his greeting. The holy virgin drops her spinning of the true purple yarn for the veil of the temple. Second it depicts the perplexity of the Virgin. Not only does she consider her vow to virginity but also the law of nature. third is her concern, the slightly bowed head, the raising of her hand in acceptance or obedience.

Background buildings and the red drapery draped over part of the building indicates this is taking place inside.

Gabriel (left) has his one wing lifted and knee bent showing action of landing from swift descent.His feet do not touch ground giving air of urgency and indicating he is coming from another part of reality

The staff he hold in his left hand shows his authority. His hand is outstretched in greeting as an Ambassador Extraordinary sent on special diplomatic mission.

Mary (right) is seen sitting on elevated seat indicating her place of honor. Her posture and slightly bowed head indicate her humility and obedience. The three stars on her outer garment indicate that she is virgin before, during and after birth of Christ. Her red slippers are a sign of Byzantine royalty.

She holds the yarn she was using to make the temple veil like she is dropping it in deference to the sudden arrival of Gabriel.