Entry of Virgin Mary into the Temple
Caring for James and The Weaving of the Veil of the Temple

Joseph Leaves MaryJoseph assigned Mary to bring up his youngest child James from his previous marriage. This is why she was called the “mother of James” in Luke’s gospel (Lk 24:10). After the betrothal, Joseph immediately left Mary to take care of his trade which was building. He was gone for many months to build housed abroad.

During this time the priests decided to have new veil (the very large cloth that covered the entrance to the Holy of Holies) made for the temple. This was the veil that would be torn apart at the Crucifixion of Christ. They remembered Mary so they brought her and her companions to the temple. Samuel who had replaced Zacharias as the high priest said to them, “cast lots before me so we can ascertain which of you shall spin the golden thread, the blue (hyacinth), the scarlet, the fine spun linen, and the true purple. The lot that fell to Mary was the purple. Mary took the true purple and spun it in Nazareth using a wooden spindle.